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Lene is committed to improve the state of the world



Lene was the first Scandinavian woman to climb Mount Everest.

How does climbing Everest innovate methods so you can professionally contribute to improve the state of the world – mobilized by UNs Sustainability Goals?

Since making the incredible ascent in 1996, Lene harnessed all that she learned into a method for all to accomplish their Everest and commit to improve the state of the world. Lene has lead expeditions to epic peaks and inspired the biggest companies in the world to venture into the unknown and achieve what has never been possible before.

Lene has mountains of wisdom from venturing into the unknown and has written several books. Her bestseller, Climbing High, details how to cope on the fateful expedition where she powered through the most extreme event that had ravaged Everest and claimed eight of her fellow climbers’ lives.

It’s natural to take stock in what’s around us in the face of extreme situations, but when asked if she had any epiphanies while climbing, Lene stated, “no.” Her only goal was success which meant absolute focus on what would help her reach her goal—an unwavering mental focus, which Lene calls THE EVEREST WAY.

At TEDxOdense 2019, you’ll join Lene on a journey beyond the edge and learn to innovate and say yes to your Mount Everest.

Curious? Listen to her TEDxTalk live!

Get tickets at https://tedxodense.com/speakers/

Innover jeres eksistens berettigelse i I4.0


FUTURIST LEADERSHIP SPEAKER & HUMAN INNOVATOR Lene Gammelgaard’s ability to mobilize you, your organizationn as well as Event participants is crucial to ensuring your ROI – Return of Investment. From Lene’s first lecture on Mount Everest to her current status as one of the world’s most prominent futurist leadership icons focusing on expanding Human Innovation for the I4.0 offering a simple method to complex transformations – FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY – Lene Gammelgaard is a mobilizing contribution to any event any process – in any culture. Lene is able to leave you and larger audiences with a transformed goalorientedness on how to innovate organizational and individual business missions that contribute to achieving the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development and Futurize for I4.0 LENE MOBILIZES HOPE AND ONGOING FIGHTING STAMINA
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