Self-responsibility Step 9 of Top 10 Leadership Skills

Self-responsibility Step 9 of Top 10 Leadership Skills


Pioneer Leadership that develops people, who lead for the Future. Fundamental transforming -lasting success has it foundation in people with a purpose. Without lasting commitment from people to a clear purpose, you will not take off big. You need to invest time and effort to build trust in relations with the individuals crucial for taking a vision from dream scenario to measurable goal achievements – over time.

Great leaders share their thoughts and efforts with the people partaking in the efforts to run a company – for future heights. The guiding purpose must engage co-creators on profound levels. Great leaders take the thoughts and efforts of their employees seriously. Invest in implementing innovation from the bottom and up.

You MUST involve, engage, listen to and learn from the individuals you need to help co-create the future.

Lasting success is built on a solid investment in igniting and crowing self-responsibility in as many individuals as possible. You cannot do everything yourself, so you need to discipline the ability to take on massive challenges automatically in as many from your team as possible.

You will only succeed in innovating extraordinary results when you set people free to pursue the overall purpose along their own paths.

Great leaders attract the best type of employees by living a clear core-purpose. Fundamentally desiring others to be turned onto this grand vision. Truly wanting others to develop themselves – offering challenging responsibility to grown beyond status quo – through partaking in making a compelling and vivid vision become reality. Innovate and develop people who lead for the future.


You must be able to clearly convey your overall purpose and attract employees who are motivated to want to achieve this vision with you. Most people grow through working for a leader, cause, organization or company that makes a difference in the world.

You ignite core resources through communicating and sharing your compelling convictions for the future. You walk the talk, leave others uncontrolled to mobilize untapped potential under their own steam to contribute to the overall goal achievement. Pursue a better Future for yourself and humankind.

As long as you all focus towards the overall goal – trust self-responsibility.


Let others make it happen with you – and have fun!









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