Lenes oplæg var virkelig igangsættende og udfordrede vores ambitions niveau

It was, indeed, very powerful and I can highly recommend Lene as an inspirational strategy and sustainability speaker with a different angle.

Lene looked at the agenda and goals for the event and increased it to a more ambitious one: To not only give a hand to growth and entrepreneurship, but to engage in changing the world to the better in doing so. To inspire companies small or large to incorporate the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the Business Strategy.

  • “Lene is a true entrepreneur herself and thus she is very trustworthy,
  • “Lene dares to provoke and you almost feel guilty that you don’t focus enough on the 17 SDGs already”,
  • “Lene uses her Everest experience to give you a mental picture of how to set an impossible goal and then start the journey uphill to the unknown, programming your brain again and again with your mission statement and reaching the summit – very powerful!”.

Lene spoke to 100+ people at ”Startup Nation 2.0” at DTU Denmark in November 2018. The title refers to the Danish startup scene and the goal was to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture and involve more experienced business people in the world of entrepreneurs… as business angels, mentors and sparring partners, as advisory board or executive board members, as investors with time and capital. The event was arranged and sponsored by DTU Science park and The Keystones network together with private Business Angels.

And isn’t it amazing how many similarities you find comparing a mountain climber and an entrepreneur/a founder of her/his own business? It is challenging and uphill, the environment changes all the time, you need to adapt and take quick decisions, you are almost alone on the mountain, it can be very cold at the top… So Lene’s speech was very credible and effective as she inspired experienced business people to be a force for good towards entrepreneurs – lean forward and accept the unknown. Also, We have had lots of positive feedback from the participants and comments like:

It was, indeed, very powerful and I can highly recommend Lene as an inspirational strategy and sustainability speaker with a different angle.

Lotte Marschall, Business Angel and Professional Board member, Copenhagen, Denmark

Please fell free to contact me directly at +45 2342 8780 to co-create you upcoming Event.

We are living transforming times and I innovate the processes you and your clients need to progress.

Yours committedly

Lene Gammelgaard

Together we will make a better world reality


FUTURIST LEADERSHIP SPEAKER & HUMAN INNOVATOR Lene Gammelgaard’s ability to mobilize you, your organizationn as well as Event participants is crucial to ensuring your ROI – Return of Investment. From Lene’s first lecture on Mount Everest to her current status as one of the world’s most prominent futurist leadership icons focusing on expanding Human Innovation for the I4.0 offering a simple method to complex transformations – FUTURIZE THE EVEREST WAY – Lene Gammelgaard is a mobilizing contribution to any event any process – in any culture. Lene is able to leave you and larger audiences with a transformed goalorientedness on how to innovate organizational and individual business missions that contribute to achieving the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development and Futurize for I4.0 LENE MOBILIZES HOPE AND ONGOING FIGHTING STAMINA
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