What is your company’s bold stretched Mission to expand in the 4 Industrial Revolution?

THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods to complex I4.0 transformations

What is your bold stretced goal for your Future in I4.0?

What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0?

Do your company have a bold stretched Mission to expand in the 4 Industrial Revolution?


What does your envisioned Future look like? The organizations fundamental reason for existing. What is your Mission Statement?

When I lecture, I learn. I always ask my clients and audiences, if they want life to be somewhat a copy of today in 5 years’ time. NONE has ever had STATUS QUO as their clear goal. No companies – no individual.

ALL I have encountered – wants a more fulfilling life – someday……. It must be a universal human trait that we strive for livable futures. So what do we have to take responsibility for igniting today – to transform those desired scenarios into real life?

An envisioned future is what we aspire to accomplish, must pursue to create a life that keeps us motivated to get up in the mornings, what we want to contribute to experience life as meaningful. Innovating the future requires significant risk willingness, transformation, innovation and disciplined progress.

What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0?

THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods to I4.0 transformations

In every transformation effort I have seen – the transforming alliance innovate a compelling idea of the desired future that is relatively simple to communicate. Bold stretched goals to achieve in the future. Companies that enjoy enduring success have a core mission and core codes of conduct that remain fixed while strategies and practices endlessly adapt to the disruptions in our ever faster changing world.

A vision helps clarify the direction in which an organization needs to move. A sound compelling vision – everyone must be able to communicate in less than 5 min. and get a reaction that signifies both understanding and interest. Discovering what truly mobilizes can take 2-5-12 months.

Without a compelling worthwhile mission and a leader team and organizational culture that lives a company mission and core values – employees become demotivated alienated and eventually seeks other occupations.

The goal of THE EVEREST WAY is to ignite innovative missions – and innovate people – to innovate and cope with new, more challenging markets by expanding and transforming how business and work is conducted.

THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods to I4.0 transformations. What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0? 

The I4.0 business environment becomes increasingly competitive and challenging in the decades to come. We have to become FUTURE-FIT as well as take charge to navigate future in desired directions. Genuine transformations take a long time. Employees will only commit when they believe that THE MISSION – which demands revolutionizing changes is worthwhile. And if they are attracted to the core values YOU and YOUR company displays.

What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0?

In spite of extensive research based knowledge – quite a few executives underestimate how hard it can be to drive people out of their comfort zones. Discovering YOUR MISSION sounds simple, but this is where most organizations and individuals stumble and come to a halt. Truly finding out what we WANT – what the company MUST – seems to be a profound challenge. THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods for all processes in major transformations. As well as for all involved in mobilizing what has never been accomplished.

Develop a compelling mission – either from leadership level or in corporation with the employees, who have to deliver the daily hours to make IT happen. Innovation by definition – requires creating a novel matrix. FUTURIZE – Invent a seemingly impossible envisioned future and develop mental waypoints towards that future. THE EVEREST WAY explodes the existing habitual structures to reinvent humans. So business as usual is erased. THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods to I4.0 transformations

DECENCY LEADERSHIP as A CORE IDEOLOGY will secure the commitment from the talented people any organization needs to expand, because groundbreaking transformation requires passionate cooperation of multiple individuals. Without enduring motivation – rooted in a management team that mobilizes respect in the workforce – people will not commit to the company goals and efforts and investments leads nowhere.

What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0? 

Innovate Leadership – WALK THE TALK – be the example of your mission. Nothing undermines leadership and innovative transformation more than when important individuals exemplify inconsistency. All key personalities in an organization must display core values: Integrity and codes of conduct that fundamentally defines how an organization influences and conducts itself in any situation. Defines who we are and what we will never compromise. Why we exist as human beings.

Employees as well as clients will scrutinize any leader whether you believe it or not. Peculiarly there is a discrepancy between that leaders evaluate themselves to be engaging and motivating – while more than 30 % of employees across 1000 companies – would rather see their leader fired than have a pay raise!

foto lead for a difference

What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0?

HUMAN INNOVATION – THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods to I4.0 transformations

Employees explode in innovation and self-responsibility when they are emboldened because THE COMPANY MISSION needs their resources to try new approaches, innovate ideas and provide self-leadership. Management must be capable of handling the apparent chaos, as the only GPS-Waypoint in THE EVEREST WAY transformations – is that the actions of each team contribute to the overall vision. Micromanagement and top down control kills invention, commitment and self-drive. The very prerequisites for leading into the Future of I4.0.

Renewed hope and enduring fighting spirit is crucial for any transformation process. Real transformation takes time and a renewal effort risks losing momentum, if the entire organization is not mentally prepared to deal with real life processes. The more people involved in contributing to the mission, the higher the chances for a successful outcome. Which is why it is a strategic advantage to mobilize co-ownership from bottom to top. Implement a focus on celebrating short-term part goals. Commitment to innovate short-term goals to pause and celebrate help keep the engagement level up and ignite analytical thinking that clarify and revise daily routines and strategies.

Most talented people will commit to a company mission rooted in improving the state of the world through whatever it is your company does.

DECENCY LEADERSHIP as the core ideology can provide the human behavior guiding glue that holds an organization on a unifying course as it grows, decentralizes, diversifies, expands globally and develop workplace diversity.

Alignment of a company mission and the leaders and managements actions and integrity in pursuing the mission is the KEY to mobilize employee commitment and loyalty. Simple – yet only 20% succeeds according to Harvard Business Review.

Therefore, the FUTURE is all about people. Leaders and managers who lives a compelling worthwhile mission to assemble enough individuals to transform to win in I4.0

THE EVEREST WAY is the mental program – that ignites the idea of a desirable future goal. As well as the strategy to make it happen and how you as a leader must conduct yourself to develop people and goals that leads into the Future.

What is your company’s bold Mission to expand in I4.0?

Futurizing for the 4 Industrial Revolution is a pioneering quest – a demanding process – with no guarantees.

What does your envisioned Future look like?

THE EVEREST WAY – excavates YOUR MISSION and delivers mental waypoints to cope successfully with the unknown.

All in 1.

I guarantee that THE EVEREST WAY works in all of life’s situations and predicaments for all. If you take responsibility to implement the mental steps.

THE EVEREST WAY delivers simple methods to revolutionizing I4.0 transformations

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