Ufrivillig barnløshed

http://www.avapeter.com/en/specialists/counsellors/lene-gammelgaard/Hi, my name is Lene Gammelgaard. My purpose for being here is to reinstall hope of becoming parent – one day…. Your struggle to become able to take the necessary – oftentimes – absurd actions, for a lot longer than you imagine and believe you can cope with to have a baby – are my first concern. Living with unwanted childlessness for many of us is a life devastating taxing existence. I started suffering from lack of being able to become pregnant when I was in my late 30s. The want to become a mother grew to become an absurd focus for whatever I did and did not do. I deliberately use the term Absurd, because not being able to have the children you desperately desire – transmute what you expose yourself to – while pursuing your ultimate dream. Childlessness hurts. Hurts you as a person, hurts your life quality, hurts your self confidence, hurts your economy and your relations.

Jeg drømte aldrig om at blive alene mor. I dag er jeg “Single-mother by choice til 3…


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