PURPOSE: Step 2 of TOP 10 DecencyLeadership skills for Radical Times

Authentic Purpose

PURPOSE: Step 2 of TOP 10 DecencyLeadership skills for Radical Times

Who and how are the outstanding personalities who change the world for the better.

Purpose. Individuals can make a true and measurable impact in the world. As specialists, experts, authors, politicians, researchers, journalists, scientists, innovators, business geniuses, and entrepreneurs. Trend breakers and Global Shapers. World influencers are also humble everyday living individuals who have found their special niche that gives purpose and mobilizes them to contribute to others at profound levels. The dedicated scout – who sets an example for the generation to come, the inspired teacher, sports coach, the founder of an orphanage in Nepal, that changes the destiny of children without a future, the local community in Indonesia who starts cleaning plastic from their own beaches, and the grandmother who manages to tackle all setbacks with a simple positive life atttiude etc.

  • Individuals who influence, inspire, mobilize and impact through their way of acting to make a real difference aren’t all privileged, advantaged or “special” from birth. Quite a few come from disadvantaged families, have experienced various traumas and crushing circumstances and initially limited prospects, but have excavated methods from pure survival instinct, to transcend their circumstances and transform themselves to rise above conditions to reinvent their own lives and mobilize others to make the most of their life – no matter what.


  • People who find profound meaning and life fulfillment in dedicating themselves to making the world a better and more liveable place for mankind in powerful and constructive ways, display key behaviors that set them apart — habitual ways of behaving and approaching life and work that distinguish. I know from my own life experience that these habits can be acquired and implemented by all of us. That’s what my life mission in Human Innovation is all about. Igniting hope in as many of us as possible to take charge of our brains, and through our mental attitude change our lives and through our example inspire others to do the same. Changing our future – One brain at the time.


  • As long as we have our brain – we can learn how to utilize our brain capacity to develop desired character traits in ourselves. The research – Neuroscience – that supports the human capacity for alteration and adaptation – gives profound courage and pervading hope for all of us. We can discipline control over how we think and act and through continuous clear focus, we can develop possibilities in ourselves to influence our future prospects and through our transformation we gain capacity to influence the people around us.
  • We all have within reach to influence ourselves and through us – the world at large.
  • We can change the future – One brain at the time.


The core behaviors displayed by individuals who positively impact the world are:

  • They dedicate themselves to what gives their life meaning and purpose.
  • I believe in meaning and purpose in life as something to discover or pursue. I believe each one of us have a genetic makeup for a specific skillset that needs to be utilized for us to feel content. I passionately advocate that we set aside time to excavate our own purpose for getting up in the mornings, to re mobilize us whenever reality hits again. A fundamental matrix of genetic stuff, that gives a direction worth following. I believe all have this predisposition; I believe it is utterly determining to live it. I experience – that discovering this inner driving core – is one of the toughest challenges for most human beings. Including myself. As well as the top leaders I work with.
  • It is apparently fundamentally to discover a genuine purpose for our lives.
  • In our contemporary Global fast-paced socialization – it seems “ancient school” to believe in a life purpose. Few run the risk to identify it. Quite a few of the truly overwhelming problem complexes we are confronted with – might find solutions, if we strive to express inner driven life purposes, instead of materialistic consumerism and superficial quick-fixes to suppress the overheard shout for meaningfulness.
  • Some authentic, genuine human beings exists differently. They have discovered that there is a purpose to their life, and that purpose usually involves some aspect of turning their “traumas into a message,” using what they’ve suffered through – the hard way – as a means of being of service to others.
  • People with a sense of purpose are driven, focused, committed, and lit up from the inside — unable to be deterred or distracted from what they have confidence in a contributing factor for a more sustainable future for Humans and our environment.
  • This self-determined sense of meaning and purpose gives them inexhaustible drive and offers Waypoints to brace through tough times. It apprises them of what they wish to attend to in life, and what they need to walk away from because it doesn’t support their long-term purpose.


Human Leaders commit to progress continually.

  • Individuals who impact the world for the better acknowledge that they are not perfect. They appreciate how their knowledge isn’t “complete” — that they do not hold “THE MATRIX” for all, there are biases, limitations, interpretations, and new research findings to add to their expertise. They are humble and embrace novel information with excitement.
  • In this Era of loss of Wisdom, we experience powerful narcissists aplenty, but their influence isn’t constructively Globally transformative in the long run.
  • Human Innovators who positively impact the world, cultivate a “unpretentious mind” — with an sincerity to observe, acquire, and experience in the process of mobilizing life zest in as many as possible throughout the world.


Human Innovators engage with fellow human beings in open, mutually beneficial genuine relations.

  • Individuals with vast encouraging influence appreciate the effect of relationships, connection, and engage as one human being with another sincere human being. They’re not afraid to expose themselves as imperfect and limited — they genuinely connect with others, sharing their insights and capacities, contributing their authentic and often contrarian viewpoints and opinions.
  • Genuine Humans have pushed beyond reluctance to be who they are. They appreciate relating authentically with others and build mutually-supportive relationships that keep both parties committed to expanding their life mission. They have learned that encouraging, supportive and authentic relationships are the foundational building blocks to what they want to realize.


Human Innovators risk venturing into the unknown – without guarantees of success.

  • The people who disrupt with a positive impact in the world don’t settle for conformity. They strive beyond normal and the status quo. They are the bridge constructors between the present and the future. They observe gaffes in collective thinking, and activities.
  • They are driven from within to go all-out with newel knowledge, get to the core of issues, research and study contributing factors, and innovate original solutions.
  • Human Innovators trust themselves in their conviction that it’s time to push the boundaries of the established.
  • They are passionately driven to affect transformation because they believe alteration will convey an enhanced reality based mode to be alive. Human Innovators advocate for as many humans to utilize the one life we have in the best possible manner under whatever circumstances.


Human Innovators shares what they know.

  • The positive influencers are not afraid to “let it out” for fear someone will copy or make money on their philosophies. Human Innovators who make a profound constructive difference can’t help but share and teach what they’ve deducted about existence. They don’t see their insights as just a money maker — they live it, as awareness that has to be shared with the worlds inhabitants for Global betterment.
  • Human Leaders trust their ideas. Human innovations are of use and value to others.
  • They exemplify and live the universal principle — “the more you give, the more you get.”


Human Innovators mobilize others – give life to those who resigned.

  • Individuals who positively impact the world not only obtain amazing results. Their process of obtaining these results — how they operate in life — is also inspiring and uplifting. They are contented to help and support others, and have an overflow of positive energy that enriches the lives of everyone they connect with. These Human influencers want others to grow. Want fellow human beings to reinvent a hope that might have been smothered by the random brutality of existence. They abstain from “success-building” opportunities that will be detrimental. They know that unethical, demeaning approaches go against the purpose they’re committed to. DecencyLeadership.


Human Innovators use their power and influence for the greater good.

  • Decency Leaders who impact the world for the better are careful and judicious with their words, actions and behaviors. They operate from mind and core beliefs, and intensely expand their thought leadership. Human Innovators take their capacity to influence seriously. A responsibility not to be flaunted or misused. Because “You are their first concern.”


Are you longing to make a genuine impact – excavated form your core convictions – in the world?

Have you found you pervading purpose for your next life chapter?

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