No Problem – we find a solution

Step 8 of Top 10 Leadership Skills

No Problem – we find a solution

The essence of leadership is to innovate and cope with today’s challenges as well as to build for the future. Leaders must drive their vision, philosophy or business through whatever adaptation and obstacles that reality presents. No Problem – we find a solution!

Leaders must be frontrunners and opportunity shapers as well as robust and resilient problem solvers. Leaders are the bridge builders between the present and the times to come. They transform the Status Quo and inspire the new Normal.

An organization, a team is fundamentally limited by having a certain amount of time as well as resources at hand to drive results.

Our brain have a tendency to focus on the negative, what’s not working, what needs fixing.

We need to fix this tendency and replace it through disciplining our thoughts so that more brains in the longer run – invest in solution innovation, instead of getting bogged down by details and the failures of the past.

A great leader do not focus on the malfunctions. She or he automatically focus on solutions and the next strategic steps dawning in the horizon.

Thus disciplining their teams to invest in innovation and transformative solving instead of blaming or getting stuck in fear, investing limited resources in the negative balance. No Problem – we find a solution!

Most problems are fixable through investing in innovative solutions and insisting on mobilizing this constructive brain capacity throughout the organization and Societies on a larger scale.

If you as a leader consequently encounters all complaints, employee blame, etc. with No problem – we find a solution. Over time, your co-workers will internalize this mental programming and start fixing and delivering solutions under their own steam. You must be able to let go of control and micro management to let people grow into self-responsibility.

You can shape a No Problem – we find a solution organizational culture through this simple matrix.

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