Integrity Step 6 of Top 10 Leadership Skills

Integritet/Integrity   Step 6 of Top 10 Leadership Skills

Outstanding Leaders display integrity. They are passionate, committed, focused, humble, genuine, authentic, tough survivors and live and lead in accordance with who they are. They have simple profound values, because they are who they are.

Integrity is a personal choice to hold oneself to genuine fundamental and consistent canons. Because this is what you discover through various life experiences and setbacks that you are.

Integrity stand in clear opposition to hypocrisy.

Integrity is consistency and faithfulness or truthfulness to your inner core – in one’s actions. You live according to what and who you are.

An inspiring leader is self-contained and do not need followers to fill a whole in their self-identity. Oftentimes they pursue their core convictions through contemporary opposition and resistance. But because they truly believe in their purpose, they might be delayed but never detained for long.

Integrity is the inner sense of “wholeness”. To live and innovate a profession and existence consistent with one’s own unique character.

There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business or life. In the short run – deception, lofty promises etc. might seduce a follwing crowd, but over time authentic humane universal goals seems to prevail and trandescend contemporary prevailing trends.

Leaders with integrity may not be the most famous or flashy of leaders, and they don’t care. They give promises carefully, even reluctantly, but once they have given that promise, they follow through on that promise without fail.

Authentic integrity is for whatever reason recognized across cultures, diversity, politics, business focus and boundaries.

There seems to be something fundamental in Human Beings that gravitates towards admiring, respecting, following and be inspired by integrity. WHY???

Integrity is a rare and larger than life quality. We can take personal responsibility and develop integrity from within ourselves.

Individuals with integrity are the true innovators of other people and the enduring Global Shapers.

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